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At 719CO we work tirelessly to shine a spotlight on our local small businesses with our #LocalFirst campaigns. We also strengthen our community members with fundraising and aid with our #CommunityLove campaign. But that means that WE must be strengthened to come to those calls!

If you’ve seen the recent news coverage or taken inventory of the community around you, we are seeing heart-wrenching stories everyday in which businesses and or community members are trying desperately to survive the shutdowns caused by Covid.
Business Owners, employees, and community members in general are facing unimaginable losses, combining the dangers that Covid itself presents through its virus, and the aftermath it leaves in economic loss, mental health, and even child depression from schooling as we know it being altered.
As many as 8,600 businesses have closed during Covid in Colorado alone! With more to come that isn’t even the total picture of concern.
As more and more strict rulings from the government seem to fall from the sky, many are finding themselves helpless, penniless, and worse, hopeless.
The shocking truth is that just over 250,000 found themselves unemployed and scrambling to keep food, rent, mortgage, insurance, other important necessities in place.
719CO has used entertainment shows funded in part by local companies who match hourly donations on our FB Live shows as well as Biker Runs that have supplied food. We work with Community leaders and advocates to help stop the shutdowns with our #ShutdownsRuinTowns campaigns.
For us to stay active on all these fronts, and provide support to as many needs as possible, it can be even more burdensome without the proper funding or to raise the funds so desperately needed to help those caught within this disastrous time. But we MUST help them!
We ask that you give what you can to support our efforts in supporting our community.
Thank you ?!
Papi Sorrels
Executive Director