Inside a good story you will find characters, setting, style & tone. When you dig even deeper you will see that city is like reading the hopes, aspirations, and pride of everyone who built it.

WHAT IS 719CO (719 – KOE)?
719 is the area code for Colorado Springs, or as us locals say, “The Springs”.CO is a double play on Colorado and Company.

The idea behind 719CO is too funnel a place where people can find the STORY of what The Springs is about when it comes to Dining , Entertainment, and our AMAZING Outdoors. A place where the FUN things to do are separated and protected from the busy noise of politics, and other ear numbing distractions.

We also offer an arsenal of tools to help elevate our cherished LOCAL small businesses to be seen as clear and in awe as Pikes Peak itself!


* For the Outdoor lover there is just over 200 great hiking trails, running trails, mountain biking trails and more.

* We hold Americas Mountain called Pikes Peak. A 14,115 foot fourteener located smack dab in our city. It is the FIRST 14er you see heading WEST across America and the LAST 14er you see heading EAST across America.

* Garden of the Gods has magnificent views with its red rock formations and gorgeous greenery. With its Balancing Rock and Kissing Camels you can spend days enjoying its natural beauty!

* Of course we are Olympic City USA with the Olympic Training Center headquartered here as well as the Olympic Museum finishing its last stages before grand opening. And don’t forget the United States Air Force Academy!

* We boast award winning Chefs who have won many accolades as well as performed (and won) on shows like Top Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, and Chopped. Chef Brother Luck and Chef Mark Henry both have fantastic venues that attract thousands of tourists and locals a year.

* The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, at 6,714 ft above sea level is the highest zoo in America. The zoo covers 140 acres.

And that’s just hello!

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, many of the locals or long term residents have forgotten or not even seen the many new aspects that make Colorado Springs special. Many don’t realize its RICH history.So we have set out to change that. To serve as a constant reminder of our heritage and our emerging evolution into exciting new concepts and fun outings.

We aim to showcase a fun and interesting lens on all the great “mom and pop” shops, fantastic dining, and exciting outdoor and indoor events throughout The Springs.

Our large focus will be creative and exciting story telling content in BLOG and VIDEO form.We are also able to create outdoor concerts through our Parks and open land in the Black Forest where the proceeds will go to help programs and businesses to strengthen our city.

That means…

* Bringing Music and Film Festivals to The Springs.

* Working with the Tourism bureau to showcase our BEST to the REST of the world.

* Offering the latest resources, technology, and innovative branding, advertising, and marketing concept we call THE POWER OF B.A.M. to ALL of our small businesses here.

We have something really special here in Colorado Springs. At 719CO we aim to showcase it for the world to see and our locals to appreciate again. Together we can be a well knit community that fits everyone!


Here on our website or our FB page  for articles and events about this amazing city.
Actually get OUT of yourself & INTO your city by GOING to events instead of Netflix.
Anywhere you go, post it on your Facebook and share your adventure with your friends. Help spread the word about all good things LOCAL
Finally, MARK your adventure post on FB with the hashtag #719CO as a mark of pride and signal to others that can support a solid LOCAL concept or event. It will also help bring people back to us so we can show you MORE THINGS TO DO.
We look forward to writing a new story and helping you meet the characters, settings, style & tones of this wonderful city.
If you are a LOCAL BUSINESS we can help get you exposure with a multitude of creative and innovative services utilizing entertainment media and technology. We can help you reach the new faces from out of town, to the familiar faces in town so they know your story.
In the end, #719CO truly is about THE STORY OF US!
Markian “Papi” Sorrels
Founder / Partner