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719CO wants to keep you in a FESTIVE mood during this trying time during the holiday season. With all the restrictions we face, from week to week, taking your family or your date to see the lights is a natural social distance activity. Below we have listed the two BEST references and a few pointers to see amazing light displays from homes as well as adventurous areas.


Before heading out on your Christmas light journey, we encourage you to take part in the time-honored tradition of mobile cocoa. Grab a thermos or two filled with the chocolaty good stuff. Don’t forget to bundle up for when you roll down those windows. And if you’re feeling really festive, bring some candy canes for the kids.

And as a friendly reminder, fruitcake is STILL unacceptable.   😉


Seeing the lights is pretty self-explanatory, but for some of you special cases out there, let’s go over some DOs and DON’Ts, shall we?


  • Look out your window (roll it down if not too cold!), and if it is raining or drizzling, plan for a different night. Feel free to go in your pajamas! It’s fun!
  • Be courteous of neighbors on the block and their property please.
  • Watch for FM frequency signs, some displays include an audio broadcast.



  • Worry if it’s snowing–lights like snow!
  • Walk into the display or on the lawn.
  • Litter.
  • Go on the neighbors’ property.
  • Park with headlights shining in anyone’s window.
  • Forget your camera–and FLASH

Our first of two suggestions are for you adventurous types out there. Whether you want to see city lights in Manitou or Old Colorado City, or perhaps the electric safari at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, they have you covered. If you want to get REALLY adventurous, you can use the interactive map for the light displays in Cripple Creek & Victor.

Choice is yours. All of them are fun.

Click this link


Finally, we save the best for last. For the last eight years, Timberline Landscaping has made a name for themselves with their Annual Christmas Lights Interactive Map. It’s a huge help and makes for a one-stop-shop and a fun night out.

When going to their website, they not only include the MUST see displays in and around Colorado Springs, but they’ve also dropped-in local coffee and hot chocolate stops for those of you without thermoses.

Your photos and videos of properties can even be featured on the guide’s Instagram Showcase by using the hashtag #COSpringsLightGuide. They have even put together a Spotify playlist and a Scavenger Hunt.

This is a FANTASTIC resource from a company that also installs most of the lights you’ll be amazed by.

Click this link