What is adopt a hero?

The "Adopt a Hero" program is a monthly thank you to the Military and 1st Responders of Colorado Springs, CO.

719CO is providing an opportunity for the public, and local businesses, to say thank you for the wonderful services, sacrifices, and saved lives our Military and 1st Responders give to our community.

How does it work?

It's simple! 719CO puts on multiple concert shows a month, from national acts, to dueling pianos, and comedy showcases.

You can purchase a Power Ticket that provides any Active Duty Military or 1st Responder access to free shows that month. They may go to any 719CO produced show they like. They can use the power ticket for themselves, or use it to bring family and friends along (up to a total of 5 for the $100 ticket).

Does it have to be $100

Nope! Not everyone has $100 to spare. You can donate $25, $50, $75, or $100 to provide up to five free shows to our 1st Responders.

Everyone Wins!

Select the donation amount below you would like to give and we will post on our social media feeds who your soldier or 1st Responder was that received the power ticket!

Thank you for supporting our Active Duty Military, 1st Responders, and a local business that puts on shows to entertain our heroes!

Buy Tickets

If there is someone specific you’d like to receive this heart felt donation, go to our 719CO Facebook and TAG their name and we will post it to them in your honor!
Adopt a Hero ($100) $100
Adopt a Hero ($75) $75
Adopt a Hero ($50) $50
Adopt a Hero ($25) $25